Sana Elahi

Name: Sana Elahi




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She is Affliated with Institute of Molecular Sciences and Bioinforamtics to execute her scientific research and/or the research task assigned by the institute.

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  • Nasir ud Din, Ishtiaq Ahmad, Sana Elahi, Daniel C. Hoessli, UI Haq and Abdul Rauf Shakoori. "The Function of Glur1 and Glur2 in Cerebellar and Hippocampal LTP and LTD is Regulated by Interplay of Phosphorylation and O?Glcnac Modification." Journal of cellular biochemistry 109, no. 3 (2010): 585-597. Link Link

  • Elahi, Sana, Afshan Kaleem, Ishtiaq Ahmad, Abdul R. Shakoori, Ikram-ul-Haq and Nasir-ud-Din. "Functional Regulation of Glutamate Receptor Glur1: Long Term Potentiation and Depression of Glur1 by Post Translational Modification." Pakistan Journal of Zoology 41, no. 1 (2009): 71-78. Link Link