Amna Nazir

Name: Amna Nazir

Address: Institute of Molecular Sciences and Bioinformatics, 28-Nisbet Road, Ops. Dayal Singh Library, Lahore, Pakistan


Phone: 04237286200

She is a research assistant at Institute of Molecular Sciences & Bioinformatics, Lahore, since December 2015. She has completed her MS Chemistry (Biochemistry) from the University of Punjab in 2014.

She is Affliated with Institute of Molecular Sciences and Bioinforamtics to execute his scientific research and/or the research task assigned by the institute.

Understanding the chemistry of human body attracted me towards the field of biochemistry. My primary interest lies in the field of clinical biochemistry. My interest focuses on the work relevant to all types of human diseases either immunological, infectious, genetic, chronic or cancer. Interested in understanding the biological function and role of cells in causing different diseases, identification of genomic regions that are associated with disease pathology and virulence as well as study the mechanism that cause the mutations, then treatment and preventive measures that can be taken to avoid the disease.